8 Popular Garage Trends

Whether seeking out a car turntable or a few extra feet to store lawn tools, people were fast and furious when saving these photos to their idea books this year. Much like the cars they house, these high-performing garage designs are stylish, sleek, classic, custom and futuristic.

Auto Garage Doors

8. We all fantasize about having a garage this neat and organized. Rails with hooks provide space for yard tools, hoses, ladders and more without taking up floor space. Amarr Garage Doors let light in. The stylishly speckled floor is every tire’s fantasy.

7. There’s more to this bonus stall than meets the eye. Its placement within the architecture transforms the driveway into a courtyard. This is a good strategy that keeps a garage from dominating a home’s facade too much. The little breezeway between the house and the structure doubles as a covered porch for the back door.

6. Judging from the comments Houzzers noted when adding this photo to their idea books, its popularity is more about the wood driveway gates than the garage. But what’s a driveway if not an extension of the garage? This driveway provides a modern grid that complements the contemporary Mediterranean style of the house. It is composed of poured concrete and turf.

5. Board-and-batten siding, a standing seam metal roof, a dormer and wooden garage doors with windows give this garage the charming appeal of a barn or carriage house.

4. Many people like these fantasy glass garage doors to a bat cave, and the analogy is spot-on. The vehicles are just part of a large toy and game collection in this hideout.

3. Sited along the Yellowstone River in Montana’s Paradise Valley, this building serves as a garage, boathouse, Airstream trailer storage spot, and fly-tying and rod-making workshop. The outdoorsy homeowners prefer to walk and enjoy their property than having an attached building.

2. The only thing more eye-catching than the shou-sugi-ban siding on this Park City, Utah, home is the bright orange garage door. The contrast with the snow and the spectacular views of the Wasatch mountains helped nudge this garage to the runner-up spot.

1. Farmhouse-inspired style had a prominent spot across all of the most popular photo categories this year, and entry gates were no exception. With its board-and-batten siding, charming lanterns, “X”-motif doors, exposed rafter tails and breezeway. Another aspect worth admiring is the way this building is so pleasingly scaled and massed. One stall is stepped back, and elements like the overhang help break up the facade. The roof line also keeps the building from competing with the main house’s proportions.

Convert Your Garage Into Eclectic Studio

It’s hard to believe that not long ago only the spiders used this detached one-car garage in Vancouver. Even though it was unfinished and full of cobwebs, the homeowner and his interior designer, saw the potential it had as a studio space. It was located just across the garden from the house, and they knew it would be free from household distractions when the owner wanted some quiet writing time. Having a good sense of his client’s tastes and knowing his Arts and Crafts house well, he created a fresh, functional space, complete with big garden views.

The garage was about the same age as the Arts and Crafts house and had similar characteristics. The contractor gave the garage a big upgrade, replacing rotten and water-damaged framing, replacing or maintenance of Amarr Garage Doors, adding insulation, creating the proper exterior with vapor barriers and installing drywall. The new tile floors have a radiant-heat system.


Homeowner wanted to embrace old details but also make it fresh. The most traditional details in the studio are the mullions on the windows. Back when his writer’s studio was just a dream, the homeowner had collected some key pieces that wound up making it very special.

Originally he wanted Amarr Garage Door that would open completely to the garden, but it just wasn’t in the budget. However, his client had something even better stashed away — back when the neighbors across the street had replaced all of their windows, he had salvaged their old windows from the Dumpster and saved them. The contractor was able to configure the new door and those old windows into a glass wall that offers great views of the garden. All the white in the studio provides a backdrop that makes the garden seem even more vivid.

While the exterior architecture and windows brought the traditional, the white keeps things light, bright and contemporary. The Eames chairs add some mid century modern style, and the floor is a geometric stunner that is both on trend and timeless.


Homeowner had always admired the beautiful patterned en-caustic tile floors he’d seen in old buildings in Spain and Cuba. Having worked with his client for a few years on his home, he knew his style well, knew that he was a fan of Picasso and Gaudí, and knew that he loved to travel. This gave him the idea to present the design inspiration as a little writer’s studio in Barcelona. Just as he expected, his client loved it.

While the floors were a splurge, homeowner saved by finding the sawhorse desk and the shelves and cabinets at Ikea. The way the shelves line up against the wall as one big unit gives them a custom built-in look.

The homeowner has loads of literature and psychology books out here and also use the glass garage door which has increased the beauty of  house. Homeowner usually have their spines proudly displayed. They were turned around by the photo stylist to put the focus on the room’s design instead of the titles.

A vintage steamer trunk the homeowner already owned holds costumes and toys for the children he teaches.

A classic Eames chair is a comfortable spot for reading. It also adds to the feeling that the little studio evolved over time, as if another writer might have used it in the 1950s.

While the homeowner has always enjoyed his garden by using the view from glass garage doors, he had never made much of this space just off the new studio. Inspired by the studio renovation, he found some recycled bricks on Craigslist and mixed them in with concrete pavers to create an eclectic patio. The lounge chairs are another great spot for reading, having a snack and enjoying the view. He hung some more of his salvaged windows around the garden, further tying his little writer’s studio to the rest of the property.

Marantec Garage Door Openers

The garage door is the most used exterior door in a typical home, making a fully reliable and safe garage door opener like marantec garage opener a paramount question. Increasingly, knowledgeable consumers are looking at Marantec, masters of German engineering and makers of some of most sought-after garage door openers available to American homeowners. New construction and remodeling projects often specify wood, glass and double-strength insulated steel doors that are predictably heavier than light-gauge steel. This requires openers with greater horsepower and excellent longevity and reliability – while remaining quiet, safe and user-friendly.

Marantec Seal

And this is where Marantec catches the attention of the savvy consumer – and Automatic Door Specialists wins your trust. We are San Diego’s premier source for installation and repairs of Marantec products.

With their Synergy line of Marantec Garage Door Openers, Marantec’s engineering and craftsmanship has created a garage door opener solution that combines powerful DC motors, semi-enclosed and maintenance-free chain or belt drives, and an advanced digital operating system that provides peerless performance, year after year. Marantec’s Synergy openers are the only garage door openers available that separately monitor the operating force necessary to move the door and the sensitivity level at which the openers react to any obstructions. The largest and heaviest doors can be confidently operated at the most demanding safety standards.

If safety, security, and rugged reliability are important to you…along with extremely quiet operation…call ADS and just say: “Marantec.”

Marantec Remotes

Synergy 380 Garage Door Opener

The Synergy 380 is Marantec’s ultimate residential garage door marantec opener. Equipped with over one full HPCS (Horse Power Comparable in Strength) of pull and push force, the Synergy 380 is the ideal opener for large, heavy-capacity needs like lifting carriage house doors or large wind-loaded doors. LED lighting and minimal stand-by consumption make the Synergy 380 the most energy-efficient residential garage door opener available in its class, while the direct current (DC) Smart Motor, coupled with a heavy-duty chain or belt drive system, ensures amazingly quiet and reliable operation. An optional integrated battery back-up system allows for the Synergy to operate even during a power outage.

Synergy 380 Garage Door Opener

Synergy 280 Garage Door Opener

Synergy 280 is Marantec’s “workhorse” residential garage door opener for entry gates. One HPCS of pull and push force makes the Synergy 280 the ideal for heavy duty applications. The Synergy 280 is the most flexible residential garage door opener available, with integrated and extendable LED lighting as well as a rotatable power head. The direct current (DC) Smart Motor, coupled with a heavy-duty chain or belt drive system provides ample strength to pull doors up to 14 feet high.

Raynor Garage Door Opener

Raynor creates doors that reflect the full gamut of home architectural styles – and there are a myriad of choices for San Diegans looking to upgrade to a “smart” and sophisticated door that enhances curb appeal and integrates beautifully with the look of their home. You can choose from pan doors, insulated doors, or the very popular aluminum rail with stile glass doors. They can be customized with OptiFinish color matching, decorative hardware and dozens of window styles. Raynor Garage Door Opener is also very reliable.

Choosing a Raynor garage door is the smart choice, but which door? Below is a quick guide to Raynorʼs residential door series. When installed by ADS professionals, they all provide years of dependable service.

Distinction Series

Garage doors “of distinction” require careful attention to every detail. The Raynor Distinctions Series offers the finest features available, with the fullest range of options. The model lines include RockCreeke and StyleView.

Innovation Series

Innovations Series steel garage doors provide the final word in quality, safety and energy efficiency. With threelayer construction, raynor affina are the best choice for those looking for a door that is quiet, cool and rugged. The Innovations Series includes Raynorʼs patented Finger Protection System, polyurethane insulation, and a wide selection of panel and optional window designs. Models include Affina, Centura and Relante.

Steel Garage Door San Diego

Traditions Series

Traditions Series steel garage doors are built for durable, time-tested performance. It offers homeowners an amazing array of design choices in three-layer construction…there is no comparable garage door series in the industry with more creative possibilities for customization. Tradition Series models include Masterpiece and Showcase.


Advantage Series

Advantage Series garage doors offer both homeowners and contractors a high-value aynor garage door openers with an excellent range Design options. Advantage Series lines include TradeMark and BuildMark. ADS has many years of experience working with contractors and homeowner associations, and can guide you through the selection process for the best long-term value.


Commercial Garage Doors

Raynor also offers a comprehensive selection of commercial grade garage doors – including sectional doors, rolling doors, fire doors and traffic doors, as well as the operators to open them. If you are looking for a secure, durable and efficient door that holds up to years of rugged use, Raynor has the commercial garage door you are need. ADS has considerable experience installing commercial-grade garage doors, and can answer all you questions.

How a Garage Door Works

Your garage door is an integral part of your home and you may rely on it every day to perform a simple task. The mechanics behind this piece of technology (dating back to the first automobiles) may seem simple, but do you know exactly how your garage door or works? Precision Door Service has expert knowledge about garage doors and can give you a peek into the inner-workings of this valuable invention.

Two System Types

Your garage door is operated by a counterbalance system, which uses a force to offset a weight, in this case, the garage door. There are two types of systems and both depend on garage door torsion springs to provide the assisting force.

Extension Spring System

An extension spring system uses springs that are attached to cables and are in turn attached to the bottom corners of the door. When the door is closed, the garage door torsion spring is stretched and when the door is opened, the energy stored in the extended springs lifts the door. This system does not last forever, however, and as the door travels up and down many times, the steel in the springs will weaken and eventually break.

It is important to check these types of springs to ensure that there is a safety cable running through them. When these springs break, a large amount of energy is released and can cause property damage or injury.

Torsion Spring System

The most common type of garage door system is a torsion spring system. Torsion springs are typically mounted horizontally above the door opening. As the door comes down, cables that are attached to the bottom corners of the door cause the springs to wind up and this winding creates stored energy. When the door is opened, the springs unwind and the energy helps lift the garage door. As the door is cycled up and down, though, the steel in the springs weakens and can no longer lift the door.


Professional Assessment

Precision Door knows garage doors inside and out, and if you have an issue with your garage door, our professional technicians can quickly determine the problem from the bottom and replace with new one if garage door torsion spring replacement is required other wise fix your problem and get your door running smoothly again. Whether you have a torsion spring system or an extension spring system on your garage door, it is important that you have your garage door checked regularly to ensure proper operation and to avoid any potential safety issues.

Contact Us

If you have any questions about the way your garage door is working or feel like it could be functioning better, contact Automatic Door Specialists for a complete garage door check.

5 Reasons You Need an Insulated Garage Door

One of the latest trends is to choose an energy efficient garage door. Insulation of these doors minimizes heat loss. And modern technology means these doors are available in many styles. If you are looking for a specific design, material or size, it is possible to find an insulated door that fits.

What is an insulated garage door, and what can you do for your home? Read on to find out what a garage door with insulation can do for your home.

1. Insulation of the garage door saves energy

Most energy saving tips focus on the interior of the house. That makes sense! Insulation, energy-efficient windows and improved heating systems can all reduce your energy consumption.

So it is no wonder that most of the advice on saving your car looks. Garages are not always considered part of the house. But garage rooms above them are often conditioned. Many have a door that connects directly to the house.

Since garages are not considered living space, construction standards are different. More openings and air leaks. As a result, garages are one of the less energy-efficient parts of your home.

This means that garages without insulation of cold air to transfer to rooms adjacent to them. They also allow cold air in your home through openings in the door

Adding garage door insulation can help save energy. By tempering the temperature in the garage reduces the amount of energy needed to heat the rest of your home.

You can also use the glass garage door which will increase the beauty of your house and also better energy saver. Garages have a tendency to act as a separation zone between the inside and outside heats up again. This gap is warmer than outside air, which means you will want no cold air directly in your home. And because your heater does not have to work so hard, it saves energy.

2. insulated garage doors are more durable

Another advantage of an insulated garage door has been added durability. Insulated glass garage doors are constructed differently than single-layer garage doors, making them stronger. Because their cars doors, children and equipment should be, this durability makes sense.

In contrast, the largest garage doors are generally made of thin steel plates that are wrapped around the panels. No insulation panels can be easily submerged by cars, items stored in the garage, and even basketballs or children’s.

The belly of daily activities meant greater maintenance for the owners. They can also rely on the edge of a home or value. Isolated garage doors, comprising a plurality of insulation layers, steel and aluminum, are less likely to damage.

Sustainability also increases the life of the garage door in other ways. Due to its size garage doors are often damaged by bad weather. Dents and Scratches Wind-boring missiles are one of the most common types of weather-related damage. Isolated garage doors are also best for this type of missile.

Simple wind, rain and sun can also take a toll on a garage door. Cold weather can confuse the metal parts of a door. And the heat can give a better pull the door panels, in particular, vinyl or acrylic. Extreme temperatures can also lubricate, springs and affect the performance mechanism of your garage.

3. Isolated garage doors are quieter

An insulated entry gates seems to be much quieter than an un-insulated garage door. Although noise reduction is usually not the most important factor, it is an added benefit of an isolated door.

Many garage doors tend to produce some sound. For older garage doors is the main culprit usually a tracking mechanism. Loose strings are in the way tends to produce a loud sound. And worn rollers can also cause worms and wheezes. Poor lubricated hinges, and springs are another joint contribution.

If your door is noisy, first check these areas. For better performance, they have hinges, rails and rollers every six months, more or less lubricated.

However, not all sound problems can be solved by maintenance. Some garage door panels vibrate themselves and make them sound. Pretended light doors without insulation tend to make more noise.

4. Privacy Helps Protect Your Car and Rewards

Insulated garage doors can also help protect your car. A car that has been stored in a garage with an insulated door, is less likely to be in cold conditions. As cold weather in some respects can affect your car, your insulation door can have a big impact on the life of your car.

This temperature difference can also prolong the life of other items. Those paint cans in the corner of the garage? Extreme heat and cold can change their consistency. It is faster than useless in a temperature space managed. The same applies to the amount of fertilizers, cleaning products and oil.

5. Garage heater is convenient

Many people use their garages for more than just parking their car. If you are working in your garage or used for hobbies, energy efficiency door makes sense. Keeping your garage warmer makes it easier for you to do occasional activities.

If you heat the garage, or use more of an occasional activity, you may want to go a step further. Garage is usually the least efficient part of a home’s energy. This is due to building codes, vary from garages to residential. Garages generally have less insulation and more leaks than the rest of your home.

To create an energy-efficient space in your garage, you must first identify where you lose the most heat. Leaks under the door frame and foundation and around windows and doors, are usually the biggest culprit. Individual garage doors layer, in particular aluminum, also have a lot of heat. Also take good care of your garage door torsion springs as these are the very important part of the garage doors. 

To solve this problem in many ways. By making the spaces between the base and the frame, it will also make a big difference. You can add insulation laminates on the walls, or insulation foam blowing on the finished walls. Finally, there are weather strip kits available for garage doors and they lived hours.

How to Choose an Energy Efficient Garage Door

Insulation of the garage door can be confusing. Manufacturers can use different types of energy efficiency classifications. Other factors, such as materials, also have an influence on how energy efficiency is a door. The way the garage door is built can also play a role.

The choice of energy-efficient materials

The materials used in your garage have a big impact on your appearance. And as a garage door, you can add a significant contraction applied to your home, it is a good idea to choose a well designed door.

Important Ways to Secure Your Garage for Vacation

For many of us it means summer vacation! Protecting your home from intruders is a crucial step in preparing a time away. Here are three simple steps you can take to protect your car before you go on vacation and your family find it a little comfortable during your vacations.

Fix Garage Door Opener

A good starting point is security inside. Most homeowners do not think about protecting your Amarr Garage Doors, but it is a good idea to protect your home during your vacation! Many garage doors have a “vacation mode” configuration, which disconnects the garage door and prevents the garage door from opening from the outside. If your garage door opener does not have a “holiday mode” setting, there is an alternative to disconnect it. Refer to owner’s manual.


Connect fix garage door

Does it lock the garage door? If so, it is another way to increase the safety of your garage during the holidays. Locks are not necessary if the garage door is operated by an electric opener. If the opener is older, make sure your door can be opened from the outside. If so, installing a lock may be a good idea for additional home security and reassurance. Find a dealer near you to learn more about your options. Remember to disconnect the slot before using the garage opener.

Install moving lights around your garage

Motion lights are a great way to deter intruders. Movement lights detect moving objects within a certain range, and light up for a period of time when an object is detected. Protect the lights in your home and neighborhood because thieves and other intruders are less likely to approach a house with moving lights or a well-lit area. You can also turn off the motion detector settings with many different movement lights above your Amarr Garage Door, so you can use a switch to turn it on and off and give you more flexibility when you are at home.

These tips can help ease your concerns for the safety of your home and make a happy holiday

Garage Door Spring Replacement

Torsion springs are commonly used in a wide variety of mechanisms, from clothespins to spring-loaded bar type mousetraps. The heavy-gauge coiled garage door torsion spring used to counterbalance the weight of garage doors carry heavy loads and are under constant extreme tension, making them vulnerable to breakage and failure and dangerous to work on for anyone who is untrained and lacks the proper equipment.


Do NOT try to remove, repair, or adjust torsion springs or anything to which the door spring parts are fastened, such as wood blocks, steel brackets or cables. Call ADS for all installations, repairs, and adjustments to your garage door torsion springs.

The ADS professionals are highly trained and will repair or replace torsion springs quickly and efficiently. Properly installed garage door springs will be safer to operate and offer more years of trouble-free use and are under full warranty. San Diego Garage Door Spring Repair.

Things to know before buying a garage door

Garage door is the biggest home opening. Choosing up a garage door can greatly affect the stiffness of your home. You may have to decide quickly due to loss or sudden failure; But buying auto garage doors, is an option that should not be taken seriously, as it affects the comfort and safety of your home.

Amarr Garage Door Advantages

Amarr Garage Doors remains high quality, durability, safety and bring homeowners dedication. All steel doors and aluminum residential and commercial Amarr are made in the United States and confirm Amarr’s commitment to quality and durability. Additionally, there are security doors Amarr security guards, which provide additional security for you and your family.

Garage Doors San Diego.gif

How to measure the quality

Follow step by step to measure various aspects of your garage process. This will help you determine what size of the garage door fits in your home.

1- Should be Energy Efficient

Amarr offers a wide choice of energy efficient garage doors san diego. These garage doors are very useful to keep the temperature of garage, room and all of your assets because of their versatile manufacturing.

2- Garage Door Construction

Made in USA Amarr garage door has the highest quality standards. The use of real-gauge steel with a paint system 5 stages Amarr steel door offers long warranty and owner of peace of mind.


3- Wind Loan Garage Doors

Amarr offers a load-bearing system Wind 90 mph winds 169MPH for most of our garage doors. Designed to meet local building codes inside the door, without changing the garage door exterior. Amarr uses very solid and flexible garage door torsion springs which increases its durability and moving ability. Select your garage door frames and attach the building code required by the air for the locations of your possessions.

4- Upgraded Features

Amarr Garage Doors offer to meet the needs of Europe called CE approved door garage. With independent test equipment being studied in Europe, the doors have upgraded hardware parts and additional security.

Important Tips For Garage Door Safety

Here is an important list of things suggested by the Garage Door Repair San Diego for everyone in your household should know about garage door safety. It’s a good idea to review these with everyone in your household from time to time – especially children.  So please read the tips below here:

1) The garage door and garage door opener are not toys. They are dangerous if misused, and can cause serious injury or even death.
Children should never be allowed to play with the garage door or its operating system. Children should never stand, run or play under or near any garage door, especially when the door is open or moving.

2) Adults should not allow children access to the remote controls or push button wall controls for garage door opener systems; these should be kept out of reach of children. The push button wall control for a garage door operating system should be mounted at least five feet off the floor, out of the reach of children.

3) Never stand or walk under a moving garage door. Never try to enter or exit the garage by racing under a moving garage door.

4) When opening or closing the garage door, always keep the door in view until the door is fully opened or fully closed. Make certain that no people or animals try to enter or exit while the door is closing. Keep fingers and hands away from door sections when the door is opening or closing to avoid injury.


5) Keep your garage door properly maintained to keep it operating safely. Annual maintenance by ADS is strongly recommended. There are other tests and maintenance tasks that you can perform yourself (see Maintenance Guide).

6) Remember that your garage door opener uses electricity, which can shock or kill if mishandled. Service should always be performed by an ADS professional.

7) Never attempt to repair a garage door’s springs or cables. These are under extreme tension and can cause severe injury or even death. These are best repaired by an ADS professional.

8) If someone has backed into the garage door (yes, it does happen – all of us are in a hurry at one time or another), it’s a good idea to have the door inspected and/or repaired by Garage Door Repair San Diego. Even if the door doesn’t appear to be severely damaged, the operating system may have become misaligned and wear prematurely, creating what could be a dangerous environment.