Garage Door Spring Replacement

Torsion springs are commonly used in a wide variety of mechanisms, from clothespins to spring-loaded bar type mousetraps. The heavy-gauge coiled garage door torsion spring used to counterbalance the weight of garage doors carry heavy loads and are under constant extreme tension, making them vulnerable to breakage and failure and dangerous to work on for anyone who is untrained and lacks the proper equipment.

Do NOT try to remove, repair, or adjust torsion springs or anything to which the door spring parts are fastened, such as wood blocks, steel brackets or cables. Call ADS for all installations, repairs, and adjustments to your garage door torsion springs.

The ADS professionals are highly trained and will repair or replace torsion springs quickly and efficiently. Properly installed garage door springs will be safer to operate and offer more years of trouble-free use and are under full warranty. San Diego Garage Door Spring Repair.


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